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– Locker x1

– Phone charging x1hour

– Balance board x15mins

– Enjoy unlimited time usage of our private garden facilities (lounge area/ hot and  cold shower with complimentary toiletries

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Normal BBQ – $300 pp

Vegan BBQ – $250pp

Deluxe Seafood BBQ – $450 pp

(Private kitchen dishes also available on request, please contact our team for more information – Yobi (+852) 6888 0483)


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[fishing_pricing title=”NORMAL BBQ” currency=”$” price=”300″ time=”/pp” btn_text=”ORDER” btn_link=”#” active=”highlight-pricing”][fishing_add_pricing_features features=”Normal BBQ”][/fishing_pricing]
[fishing_pricing title=”VEGAN BBQ” currency=”$” price=”250″ time=”/pp” btn_text=”ORDER” btn_link=”#”][fishing_add_pricing_features features=”Vegan BBQ”][/fishing_pricing]
[fishing_pricing title=”DELUX SEAFOOD BBQ” currency=”$” price=”450″ time=”/pp” btn_text=”ORDER” btn_link=”#”][fishing_add_pricing_features features=”Deluxe Seafood BBQ”][/fishing_pricing]